Sophie Toovey, author

Sophie Toovey lives in the South Wales valleys and writes YA and adult romance

Sophie’s favourite stories are The Lunar Chronicles, the Chaos Walking trilogy, Wolf By Wolf series, the Cursebreakers series and anything by Jane Austen.

The Day of the Dice

Pride & Prejudice meets The Hunger Games.

It’s the future, but it feels like the past. An illegitimate girl turns 18 and wants to escape being paired for childbearing by sailing to a mystery island, but it’s not part of her plan to fall in love with the powerful boy who has chosen her. She doesn’t know if love is worth staying for, or how to convince him that she isn’t just playing a game.

Bell Time

The Hating Game, set in a school.

When Michael, a hotshot sharp-suited teacher, is set to secure a promotion to become her new boss, zany creative Jen can’t let him go uncontested. She has to win over her tough all-boy class, prove that she’s an awesome teacher, and overcome the chauvinist bully Head who pretends she doesn’t exist. Preferably without falling in love, because that wouldn’t be very professional…

Storm Coming

A reinvention of WUTHERING HEIGHTS as a YA thriller.

Heather always gets what she wants. Taken into care and wrenched from her Romani background, Storm has had a turbulent life. She and Heather have always been friends. But now Heather’s brother is dead, and Storm claims that she killed him. Heather discovers that her carefully crafted plans are about to be obliterated, unless she can work out what Storm really wants.

About Me

Sophie Toovey graduated from Oxford University with an English degree, then spent ten years lamenting that she couldn’t write as well as Jane Austen, George Eliot or Charles Dickens. Being a secondary school English teacher, she continued her immersion in great literature before finally watching La La Land and deciding it was time to live the dream and start writing again. She is married to a film-maker who keeps arguing about the right title for her story, and they have two children, who keep arguing. Or exercising their creativity. Maybe both. 


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